About the author : Daniel Griffith

Daniel is an Author, Designer, and Entrepreneur. With over 10 years of industry experience, Daniel utilizes his unique blend of mathematics and poetry, engineering and creative thinking to solve both technical and business challenges to ultimately co-create the world he wants to live in.

So what are those odd little black and white boxes on products, commercials and signage everywhere we look?  They seemed to pop up out of nowhere and now we’re surrounded.  But what are they? What do they do? And how exactly do you use them?

Quick Response Codes or QR Codes are a type of two-dimensional bar code that was initially designed for use in the automotive industry. With success in the auto industry, QR code usage has been implemented by smart companies in a multitude of industries from real estate companies to ketchup manufacturers.  Developing and properly marketing QR codes assist in connecting companies to their consumers.

QR codes act as a gateway allowing anyone with a camera phone to easily step between the physical and digital world.  With the popularity of smartphone growing by leaps and bounds, QR codes are quickly becoming an effective new marketing tool.  A recent study states that by Christmas 2011, one in two Americans will own smartphones. To utilize a QR code simply take a photograph of the code with your mobile phone and you will be instantly connected to special offers, exclusive content or product information.

Amazingly, the technology behind creating a QR code is simple, typically free and requires no special hardware.  Creating an effective QR code and placing it attractively on packaging can engage customers and prospective customers at a whole new level.  QR codes allow traditional advertising to incorporate video and audio creating an interactive product experience.