Rankings are great … but REVENUE is better!

Since 1999, GHI Internet Services has helped generate hundreds of millions of dollars in online revenues for companies big and small.

It’s proven. It’s measurable. And it’s profitable, very profitable.

On the web, increasing your bottom line is all about bringing the right people to the right page … and encouraging them (and making it easy for them) to take action. It's all about finishing strong.

The Right People:

Through a proven, in-depth digital marketing campaign, we target those people on the web that are most likely to purchase your specific products and services—those potential clients that are searching for what you sell on Google, or those people that you hope to reach out to via email or on Facebook. Looking at the big picture, we work to push qualified leads to your website.

Who do you want to visit your website? The “right people” look different for every product, every service, and even every company selling similar products within an industry. But our 15 years of experience in dozens of markets in 9 countries gives us the tools and the “know-how” to identify Mr. and Mrs. Right.

The Right Landing Pages:

Once you start getting the right people to your website, then what? We work with you to conceptualize and create custom landing pages that entice visitors to action—analyzing our success along the way.

Our landing page management strategy uses web design / redesign best practices, B2B / B2C behavior model studies, industry standard web analytics tools, split testing methodologies, and Internet marketing techniques to create landing pages that facilitate action. We tailor each individual landing page to the needs and wants of your market, “tuning” the page to strike just the right note for your audience.

At GHI Internet Services, we work to help you translate visitors into clients, “clicks” into revenues.

Our Finish Line™ Conversion Optimization Services focuses on four factors:

  1. Relevance – How closely does the content on your page match what your visitors are expecting to see?
  2. Clarity – How clear is your value proposition, main message, and call-to-action? How long does it take prospective customer’s to figure out what your page is about? Is the page’s layout or content frustrating prospective customers?
  3. Distraction – What is the first thing prospective clients see on the page? What on the page is off-target or even contradictory to the goals of the page or what the prospective client was expecting?
  4. Urgency – Why should your visitors take action … now? What incentives or offers encourage them to move immediately? Does the page’s tone communicate urgency?

Through a meticulously researched and data-driven strategy, we will work so your site is visible in the search engines and gets more targeted traffic, and, most importantly, that those visitors convert into actual leads providing your trained team with highly qualified opportunities.

At the end of the day, you think revenue, not rankings. And so do we.

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