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Inbound links are the “streets” between websites, the way people on the web navigate from site to site. And these roadways are extremely important for ranking high in the search engines, as the search engines use them to evaluate the pages on your site.

In Google’s eyes, an inbound link is like a vote—a vote for that page’s trustworthiness, importance, and subject matter.

  • Trustworthy: Long ago, search engines learned that quality, relevant websites tend to link to other quality, relevant websites (and "spammy" websites link to other "spammy" websites). Building a network of quality inbound links is critical for building credibility with the search engines.
  • Important:  The web is a democracy: generally, the more "votes" a page gets, the better it ranks in the search engines.
  • Subject matter: Search engines use a link’s anchor text—the clickable text in the hyperlink—to help determine the subject matter of the linked-to document. In other words, when Google’s “crawlers” see dozens of links with the same keyword pointing to a specific page, that page has a very good chance of ranking high for that keyword.

So, it is virtually impossible to rank high in the search engines without a focused, inbound linking campaign.

But because Google often changes its algorithms in response to black hat tactics, many of the early link-building methods are not only out of date, but dangerous as well. Many search engines actually penalize old strategies, lowering or removing what they consider to be “spammy” sites from their results pages.

With over 15 years of experience on the web, GHI Internet Services has the tools and knowledge to avoid the landmines. We have a proven track record of staying ahead of the curve, gathering legitimate links from trusted sources—links that provide real, measurable value for your business, links that ultimately increase your bottom line.

Our inbound linking campaigns focus on:

  • Researching competitors’ link acquisition strategies
  • Uncovering relevant keywords and key phrases with high traffic to place in anchor texts
  • Developing potential link partners
  • Targeting quality directory submission
  • Optimizing local profiles
  • Writing and distributing articles, blogs, and press releases

At GHI Internet Services, we work to build your site’s authority in Google’s eyes. We help you Connect Smarter™.

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