Nobody is perfect, but bad press or a bad review can really hurt your business – not to mention your pride.

It takes years to build a reputation … and only five minutes to ruin it. A single negative comment at the top of a web search results page can drown out the hundreds of positive ones below it.

With a click of a button, anyone with internet access can damage or even destroy your reputation by posting a negative customer review, news story, Facebook status, tweet, or YouTube video.

Right or wrong. Truthful or salacious. Current or outdated. Your business is judged by its search results.

And what is posted on the web can stay there for years, significantly affecting your bottom line. According to Harvard Business Review, a difference of one star in an online review can lead to a 5–9% difference in revenues.

Since 1999, GHI Internet Services has worked to provide its clients with a voice and helped them take control of their reputation online.

It’s not just managing your brand. It’s protecting your name.


We can’t remove negative results from page 1 of Google—no one can do that. But we will work to help you dominate page 1 of Google with content that you control, diminishing the effect of any negativity on the web. We will work to improve the positioning of your site, social media profiles, review sites, and other assets on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, pushing any negative, highly ranked search engine results off the page. It's all about pushing up the good...and pushing down the bad.


We will work to improve the overall online favorability of your company and brand by creating positive press on online news sites, blogs, and social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, we will help you ask your customers to review your products and services—the best way to improve your online reputation.


At GHIIS, we focus on results and will monitor the success of our work on a monthly / continual basis, providing tangible data on our progress. With over 15 years of experience on the web, GHI Internet Services can assist you with improving your reputation online.

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