SEO: It's all about who's out in front.

Every day, millions of potential customers are using Google and other search engines to research, compare and purchase products and services, including yours.

Unfortunately, many Northeast Ohio companies can't be found at the top of Google for what they sell. Not even when using a search with “Cleveland” or “Akron” in the keyword.

This can be frustrating. After all, if customers aren't finding you...they are finding your competition. And nothing hurts more than seeing a result above yours for a competitor who doesn’t even really compete in your geographic area. They might not even be located in Ohio!

What if you could partner with a local, Cleveland/Akron area SEO firm that has been helping companies reach the top of Google longer than just about anyone?

A firm with a full-time, onsite, domestic staff of consultants who have been working in SEO and web design for two decades?

One that is open and honest about the work they are doing.

And most of all, highly focused on your goals, and your ROI?

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Since 1999, we have conducted hundreds of custom search engine optimization campaigns, helping companies' websites achieve higher positions on Google, Bing, and other search engines. We work to improve your Start Position™, focusing on your goals: more qualified leads, increased traffic to your website and higher revenues.

Our SEO services are custom tailored for your company:

  • Keyword Market Research: Your potential customers use specific keywords and phrases to find what they're looking for. Is your site speaking their language?
  • Competitive Analysis: We don't reinvent the wheel every time we run an organic search engine optimization campaign. What are your competitors doing well? What organic SEO tactics can we do better than your competitors?
  • Content Development: What is the purpose of your website? We'll work with you create informative, relevant, and action-oriented copy for your website, organized in a way that makes sense to your visitors.
  • Code Development: We're experts at optimizing the parts of your site that are "behind the scenes" -- site architecture, META description tags, title tags, alt attributes, and the rest!
  • Inbound Link Building: Links are the roads between webpages. And when a page on your site gets a link from a credible, important page on another site, the search engines see it as a vote for your page.
  • Conversion Optimization: High rankings are good, but high revenues are better. Using industry-leading digital marketing methodologies, we'll work with you to translate rankings into visitors, visitors into leads, and leads into sales.
  • Social Media Marketing: Should you invest marketing resources into your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and / or Google+ profiles? We can help you decide -- and incorporate them into your overall online strategy, increasing visibility, improving customer relationships, and even raising revenues.
  • Continual and Comprehensive Analysis: Search engine optimization is empirically driven. We'll monitor what's working well (and even what's not), sending you detailed, monthly reports along the way!

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