Is my site invisible to searchers?

How do I know if we are optimizing for the right keywords and phrases? Is my website’s architecture reducing the site's rankings in the results pages? Is the "back-end" of the site reducing its profitability?

We want to help you find out.

Using proprietary and industry-leading tools and methodologies, we will take a comprehensive look at your website, searching for any possible issues——major or minor, onsite and offsite——that could be dampening your search engine rankings. At GHI Internet Services, we work with you to help diagnose the root cause of any potential issues your site might have.

In the past 15+ years, we have built a dynamic knowledge base of best practices that helps us determine what works … and what doesn’t.

Hundreds of web sites and internet marketing campaigns later, we have learned a few lessons along the way.

In our 70-point, search engine optimization readiness audit, we look at——

  • Basic Web Exposure: Can the major search engines find, crawl and store my site’s pages in its database? Is your site invisible to Google, Yahoo, and Bing?
  • Site Architecture: Are the site’s menus spider friendly? Do the site’s URLs use hyphens (instead of underscores)? Does your site’s optimal page speed meet Google’s minimum criteria——or is it lowering your rankings in the results pages?
  • Code Development: Does each page on the site have a unique, content-relevant, keyword-rich title tag? Am I "keyword stuffing," causing Google to blacklist my site?
  • Content Development: Is there duplicate text, hidden text, or doorway pages on the site? Does the site seem optimized for a search engine or for an actual person on the web?
  • Inbound Linking: Are there “spammy” links pointing to the site?
  • Usability: Do the font colors / sizes make the pages difficult to read? Are non-HTML documents clearly identified? Does the site work properly on a mobile device? Is there anything on the site that would frustrate users and encourage them to leave?
  • Social Media Exposure: Does the site have a branded Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube account? Is there a blog, is it updated frequently, and does it contain indexable, quality content?

And of course, our SEO readiness audit comes with no obligation —— work with us, work with your web firm, or work it yourself.

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