Is your website speaking your market's language?

It all starts with the millions of people on the web today who are searching to buy products and services, including yours.

But what if you could know exactly what words your potential clients are actually typing into Google to search for your products and services? What if you could position your website in front of these searches within Google to generate leads from your website and begin to increase your revenues simply by speaking the known language of your market?

You can.

At GHI Internet Services, we use proprietary and industry-leading, online market research tools to discover the exact words your potential clients use when looking for what you sell.

This strategic keyword research we conduct is akin to finding a prime location to open a business, but instead of searching for real estate to position your business in front of your clients, your clients are searching the real estate of the web for you, using specific words known as keywords. Instead of you racing to find sales, they actually are now racing to you. It’s a whole new world we live in.

Successful brick and mortar businesses are built on prime real estate. Successful websites are built on prime keywords and phrases.

We focus on applicable, durable, and profitable search terms with high volume and low competition—you wouldn’t open a bistro next to four-dozen other Italian restaurants in the middle of nowhere, would you? Our 15+ years of experience on the web helps us set and meet realistic goals that increase your bottom line.

We find these prime terms by:

  • Asking your sales staff what they hear from prospective clients
  • Auditing the content of your current web site
  • Analyzing search trends on Google, Bing!, Yahoo, and other major search engines
  • Investigating social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Examining your competitors’ web site
  • Exploring associations you and your competitors belong to
  • Discovering geo-targeted search terms
  • Gathering negative terms—those you do NOT want to rank for—from you and the market

Through an exhaustive keyword research and competitive analysis process, utilizing custom and third party analytical tools, our experienced marketing team will work to help uncover the exact language your prospects use when searching for your products and services on the web, helping you direct qualified leads to your site … and, ultimately, drive up your revenues.

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