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Link building has been coming under fire lately. Some SEO “experts” have even gone so far as to say that link building is dead, or that Google’s PageRank system is no longer relevant.

First of all, PageRank is still relevant and always will be. PageRank is Google’s entire business. It is arguably one of the most successful software programs in history and it’s made Google a $35 billion company in only 12 years.

Not only that, PageRank is one of the most profitable software programs ever written. Google employs only about 30,000 people. That’s $1.6 million per employee. That’s a lot of automation!

Secondly, we have enough proof based on our own experience that link building can sometimes make an enormous difference in an SEO campaign. Most SEO campaigns eventually hit a wall when link building is not a significant portion of the work. As soon as a focused link building effort is begun, rankings, traffic and sales all begin to climb.

The below graphics are actual Google Analytics data showing year over year growth of traffic and revenue from actual GHIIS clients.

Clothing Retailer

Note that REVENUE realized from this site had basically flattened out since the early part of the year. Our link building began in earnest around June, and since then revenue has risen steadily. We have traced this revenue increase in large part to an increase in traffic from specific search terms.

UPDATE, JANUARY 2012: Final tally: Revenue from organic search to this site TRIPLED in December 2011 over December 2010.

Furthermore, revenue from organic search for the second half of 2011 – after link building had begun – was twice that of the first half of the year.

Ticket Broker

Traffic to this ticket broker (one of the most competitive online spaces) from Google begins to rise when our link-building efforts began (early June) but it really exploded about 3 months later, in August.

Specialty Manufacturing

Even a manufacturing company, whom GHIIS has been working with for several years, began to see their first significant traffic boost via organic search in the 3 months following our enhanced link building campaign that began in early May.

Metals Processor

Another manufacturing client who provides certain metals processing services, began to see a steady – albeit less dramatic – rise in search engine traffic soon after our link building campaign began.

UPDATED 1/28/2012: Here’s another client that began a localized link building campaign in July of 2011. We’ve filtered out only organic searches related to the main keyword.

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