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March 30th is approaching fast! Is your page ready for the change to Facebook Timeline?

Before you publish your Timeline in a panic, keep calm and be sure to go over the checklist below. If applicable, address and understand each of the items in this list, then take a few stress relievers for the anxiety. 🙂

  1. Change your Profile image to a square version of your logo
    • Gone are the days of the tall, vertical profile banners
    • Make sure there is enough padding around your logo to fit nicely inside of the thumbnail seen on your fans’ News Feeds.
  2. Set a Facebook Cover
    • 851px x 315px graphic
    • Use the highest resolution possible (300 dpi +)
    • Great ideas include:
      • Your best work
      • A collage of your portfolio
      • Your storefront at your location
      • A screenshot of a Google Map of your location
      • Your friendly staff
      • A photo from a recent event/trade show
      • Check out our timeline cover as an example
    • CANNOT include any calls to action, price or purchase info, or contact information
    • CAN include your tagline, mission statement
    • Keep your Timeline Cover fresh by changing it often. Your fans will visit your Timeline more frequently and see the rest of your hard work!
  3. Choose which 3 applications to display at the top of the Timeline
    • Click the “+” icon to add or change the order of these apps
    • Photos is the default #1 slot
    • Other can include: Events, Videos, Likes, Notes, and Custom Applications (formerly “Tabs”)
  4. Add custom images to Facebook Applications
    • Facebook now refers to “Tabs” as “Apps” and will display up to 3 custom Apps at the top of the Timeline
    • Once you’ve added your apps, customize the icon that is displayed with a new photo or graphic.
  5. Highlight popular posts
    • Click the “Star” in the upper right corner to make a post full-width of the Timeline
    • Great for enlarging single photos or videos, positive testimonials and popular posts
  6. Pin posts you want to feature to the top
    • Click the “pencil” icon in the upper right corner and select “Pin to Top”
    • You can only pin one post to the top at a time
    • Last for up to 7 days
    • Great for entire photo albums,
  7. Ensure the “About” section is filled out and provides a good, clear summary of the company
    • Include a URL at the beginning for an easy lead opportunity.
    • Use keywords your customers use, rather than industry-related buzz words
    • Keep it short and sweet
  8. Add company “Milestones” to the Timeline from you web site’s history page
    • When the company was founded
    • Company acquisitions
    • Popular product introductions
    • Make sure to add photos to your milestones

Congrats, you are now ready to publish your Timeline! Click “Publish” and you’re off and running! Get a cold drink and take a break, job well done.