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Since many of our clients are manufacturing companies who subscribe to the GlobalSpec online marketing system, we thought it would be helpful to note that the company announced the availability of its Custom Webinars offering for manufacturers.

By using Custom Webinars, industrial marketers may target their most relevant audience from GlobalSpec’s registered user base of more than 6.5 million professionals.

“Custom Webinars from GlobalSpec give you the opportunity to deliver your messaging to a captivated and targeted audience – the prospects you want to reach”

According to the company, Custom Webinars can assist industrial marketers with setting up custom webinars that can:

  • Showcase your new products and emerging technologies;
  • Share product demonstrations or manufacturing processes;
  • Promote successful case studies;
  • Provide education and training.

GlobalSpec offers full-service product management and best-practice support with its Custom Webinars. For more information visit http://bit.ly/ofC9BV.