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Like a mechanically-declined drivers getting suckered into buying new air-filters every at every oil change, too often, honest small businesses get caught in a contract with a low quality search engine optimization (SEO) firm. Here’s how to avoid that.

Look For A Company With…


1. A Deep Portfolio

If a SEO firm has had success with hundreds of companies before yours, chances are they will have success with yours. Furthermore, take advantage of a company’s vertical marketing strategy. If you own a legal firm, ask the web company how many law firms’ sites they’ve optimized in the past five years. If you own a chain of restaurants in Ohio, ask the web company how many Ohio-based sites they’ve optimized.

2. Years of Experience.

3. A Holistic Approach to the Web.

Too often, firms will optimize a site to the point of making it cluttered, illegible and ultimately useless . To them, including five keyword-phrases in every sentence is a fast and easy way to increase traffic. As any website browser will tell you, it’s a great way to disengage your customers, as well as eventually get penalized and drop in rankings, and fast. A reputable SEO firm realizes that your site needs to attract two types of users: search engine bots AND potential buyers.

4. Realistic, tangible goals.

Quality SEO companies set baselines; conduct detailed reporting that tracks the number of visitors per month and where those visitors came from (Google? Yahoo? Bing?); and finally calculate your return on investment. Quite simply, any SEO firm that tries to keep you in the dark is not a reputable one.

Avoid Companies Who…


1. Promise first place rankings within a few weeks.

If a company’s claims are too good to be true, they probably are. First place rankings take at least a few months, and even then, are anything but inevitable.

2. Only discuss increasing traffic.

Remember, traffic is good; quality traffic is great; but above all, sales are necessary.