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Does this Headline look familiar?

6 Best Practices for Social Media Marketing with [INSERT CHANNEL HERE]

There seems to be a big misconception that everyone needs to rush to learn everything there is to know about Google+. How does it differ from Facebook and Twitter? What should I be posting? How do I get more engagement? The misconception comes from the underlying thought that Google+ is any different from the other platforms we have been using for years.

When it comes to marketing you or your business online, Google+ is eerily to similar to other popular social networks. Like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Below are the same best practices you should be using on all of your social media channels, let alone Google+.

Share LOTS of Photos

Just as you would on Facebook and Twitter, Sharing photo’s on Google+ is important when catching your audiences attention. It shows personality in your business and the people who work for you.

Add Links to Relevant Pages

On Google+ you have the option to add recommended links, These will allow you to add links to important blog articles and other resourceful sites that will help bring more traffic and leads to your business.

Promote Your  Page on Your Blog and Website

To get real business value from your social media networks, your have to have a community of people to consume and engage with your content. In order to get people to engage in your social networks you need to promote your specific network on your business website and other social media networks. Cross-promotion is going to be the key to building a strong community through-out your social media land.

Encourage People to Share Your Posts

Engagement is VERY important when it comes to driving more traffic to your business through social media, Encourage people to share your post Facebook, Google+ and on Twitter to re-tweet your post. This is a vital step to take on getting driving more traffic to your business site using social media.

Analyze Traffic and Leads

Being able to analyze where your traffic and leads are coming from is very helpful when trying to grow your social audience. It allows you to really break down how many people are actually engaging in your post, pictures and how many people are actually visiting your site. You can use this information to really start understanding a base of what your audience likes.

Make Rally Points for your Post

What do I mean by “make rally points for your post”, It’s simple categorize your topics. Use these 3 options to organize your audience and make it easier for them to find what they are most interested in:

  • Facebook – Photo tags and Post tags
  • Twitter – Hashtags and Mentions
  • Google+ – Circles and Hangouts

These will allow you to really personalize your topics and provide a place of common ground for your audience to expand on your topic.