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Controls Inc.


Company Overview

Controls Incorporated is a multinational brand spanning across two continents, head quartered in Northeast Ohio in Medina. Their products are focused around engine and equipment displays. They have a wide range of supporting products for complete control solutions.


Business Challenges

Controls Inc. had a major, but common challenge: their site was old. And old Content Management Systems and old coding are slow and hard to update. What could be a simple fix might take a few hours on an old site’s infrastructure.

Furthermore, the site’s user interface was not presenting Controls Inc. well. With no way of initially capturing the user well, the outdated site was not doing its job well, regardless of back-end coding headaches. The Contact page was hidden, the content was passive.

A website Redesign was much needed with these challenges facing Controls Inc. But they also had additional, unique problems that were even more pressing…

First, Controls Inc. is a multinational brand, yet their website did not have the ability to translate any of its text.

Second, Controls Inc. were in need of a way to deliver specific data files to their clients via the web in a protected and secure fashion.


The Solution

With the open sourced WordPress Content Management System and a clean, navigable user face, Controls Inc.’s website was transformed into an easy-to-update and easy-to-use platform for them and their clients.

Robinia rid Controls Inc. of their multi-national translation problem. We Custom developed a five language translate tool on their site that users can easily and seamlessly switch between.

We also created a client developed portal for Controls Inc. With a given a unique username and password, each client can log in to the portal to look and take sensitive and specific data that is only accessible to controls and them.

Project Overview

  • Website Design

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