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Company Overview

For over 41 years, Dynatech has been producing diamond saw blades and equipment that are the fastest cutting and longest lasting. Today, Dynatech is the world-leading producer of diamond saw blades and equipment for raised pavement makers and installations. Recognized and recommended by the pavement marking manufacturing industry, Dynatech has a strong presence in the international field.

Dynatech is Located in Elyria (Northeast), Ohio.


Business Challenges

As a big commerce client, Dynatech has high traffic of sales and infrastructure through their web presence. But the scalability of their company was being impeded by the usability of their website.

Though already working off of BigCommerce platform, everything was outdated. The current BigCommerce theme Dynatech used was outdated and slow and thus problematic to update.

The usability, functionality, and overall design of the site was old, hard to navigate, and close to five years “out of style,” which in technology-age is quite old! This outdated state made it close to impossible for Dynatech to scale their products and business online.


The Solution

By updating the theme and functionality of big commerce for Dynatech, we helped them become more scalable and updatable.

Not only that, the modern website design that was created was made to help users navigate products from beginning to check out, making the experience easy, efficient, and effective.

But let the results speak for themselves!

Project Overview

  • Website Design

  • Ecommerce Development
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