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The Public Square


Company Overview

The Public Square® is the non-profit, non-partisan education outreach of the American Policy Roundtable, established in 1980. A daily and weekly broadcast heard on almost 200 stations, with Podcasts of The Public Square® have long surpassed over one million downloads, TPS is 100% listener supported broadcast.


Business Challenges

The Public Square’s challenges were similar to their sister company, American Policy Roundtable (APR). After solving the major challenges APR was facing, The Public Square brought us in to streamline their massive archive of episodes and audio shows.

Not only was The Public Square (TPS) working with an ancient site, not only was it hard to navigate for their users, not only was their eCommerce site ran through contact forms, but TPS had no accessible archive for their ten-years-worth of daily episodes. Thousands of episodes were not accessible to anyone. Once the episode ran the media cycle, it was gone – no archive meant temporary use of TPS’s content. And that’s not good.

They had no way to easily display, manage, and archive their tens of thousands of episodes.


The Solution

After consolidating all of TPS’s content assets from multiple servers to one, Robinia created a designed and structurally sound site on the easy-to-use WordPress Content Management System.

This design and organized infrastructure provided four major improvements

  1. Organization of TPS’s third-party podcast creation system
    Now consolidated into one place, the archival system needed revamping organizationally.
  2. Creation of unique API for the third-party system and WordPress to automatically talk
    Once we migrated TPS’s data files from the third-party software application and created a unique API, TPS now has very little work to do to maintain the functionality of their archival system. In other words, when TPS creates a new episode it automatically API’s into WordPress, saving any secondary steps or recreation of content to be uploaded into the website. The result is a simple, streamlined process that saves time, headaches, and keeps organization clean and access easy.
  3. Creation of a unique, custom, and beautifully designed user interface
    Not only is the communication between the third-party software application and WordPress easy for TPS, the usability of the site was increased through the functional redesign created. The podcast data from the third-party software application is transferred to the site, unpacked, and delivered to the user in an organized and aesthetically pleasing way.
  4. Creation of an archive section that is all inclusive, 4 faceted complete filter.
    Filter through via four channels of hundreds of episodes. All easily accessible and organized for not only TPS but for their listeners.

Project Overview

  • Website Design

  • Web Application Development

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