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Waterloo Manufacturing Software


Company Overview

Waterloo Manufacturing Software develops and markets advanced planning and scheduling software to manufacturers worldwide.Waterloo has been crafting and evolving their software for close to thirty years and their results continue to be successful.

Waterloo Manufacturing Software has a network of representatives world-wide with their corporate office in Boston, Massachusetts and other offices across the U.S.


Business Challenges

Waterloo Manufacturing Software needed help presenting their company well to the users of the site. With an outdated system and design, the site was hard to use – for Waterloo as well as for their audience.

The unique challenge Waterloo faced was presenting their content in a way that helped the user know who they were, what they did, and why their scheduling system was so special. That was a lot of content to throw at a new visitor to the site.. Waterloo needed to know how to give the visitor information without giving them a fire hose of data.


The Solution

Robinia worked alongside Waterloo Manufacturing Software (WMS) to provide a clean and functional website redesign.

But this was more than just aesthetic and infrastructure revamping. We crafted the site (organizationally and aesthetically) to help the user immediately understand what WMS does, how they does it, and why they are special. Thus, a majority of the project included content type consultations. We were helping them solve business problems with website solutions. Meaning, we did not just design the website, but we worked to understand and solve their business problems alongside of them via the use of custom online systems.

The result speak for themselves..

Project Overview

  • Website Design

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