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Pinterest is a social media site much like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. But the features, uses, audience and layouts of all four are completely different. Each one has its own way of letting business marketĀ on the web.

Pinterest is a VERY visual site, so by default it’s going to have a lot of the features and benefits other social media sites will not offer. This social media trend of expressing your company’s interest or products is growing FAST.

How to find your niche in Pinterest

Well, it’s going to be hard for your business to market on Pinterest if your not a visual company. Either way, make sure your being visually expressive. Users on Pinterest are there for entertainment or ideas, NOT to buy a product. Be creative and provide users something they are going to “Re-Pin” or use in the future.

How to benefit from Pinterest

Remember, users aren’t on Pinterest to buy a product. But that doesn’t mean they won’t. Be creative and use your resources to make your photo captivating to your viewers and your pin may turn into a sale. Be creative with the variety of things you pin. When users see what they can do with your product, they are going to want to follow.

How to Track Traffic from Pinterest

Finally, Pinerly is currently in beta, but add your email address to the waiting list. It promises to be a comprehensive Pinterest analytics dashboard. Pinerly will graphically measure click through rates, likes and repins for “campaigns” created through the service, which would make it a very interesting tool for brands and businesses.