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When it comes to online exposure, press releases offer your website links, traffic and better rankings. Press Releases are fairly easy to write and publish with a little time and the right resources.

Take whatever news your business has—mergers, new offices or employees, promotions, or community involvement—and put it into Press Release form. Once it hits the web through the many Press Release publishing sites, the linking effect has begun.

Well written Press Releases will improve your search rankings on two levels. First, an interesting and informative Press Release will attract readers. Some search engine marketing and publicity companies skimp on writing and publish poorly written, grammatically incorrect Press Releases. Not only do these end up published on fewer sites (because of strict editors and site standards), they also lack human interest.

They may pack more keywords, but no consumer will be drawn organically to the site. Well written Press Releases give you clicks—when a potential customer likes what they see, they’ll explore the information in the Release further and click through to your website.

Secondly, Press Releases offer more links for your website and the consumer clicks mentioned above offer you better traffic. This ultimately means better Search Engine Ranking. Search engines such as Google look for sites that have lots of people clicking through to them and sites that have many other sites linking into them.

Press Releases offer you a chance to increase both your clicks and your links, which is what gives you a solid return on investment.