About the author : Daniel Griffith

Daniel is an Author, Designer, and Entrepreneur. With over 10 years of industry experience, Daniel utilizes his unique blend of mathematics and poetry, engineering and creative thinking to solve both technical and business challenges to ultimately co-create the world he wants to live in.

Sometimes, a webcam is all a company needs for an effective online video campaign, especially for entertainment driven sites like YouTube and Facebook.

It’s an incredibly cheap way to “break the ice” with customers because its informal. 99% of the time, webcam videos are simple; it consists of you and… well that’s it. Buy one (usually under $30), plug it in to your computer, and roll!

Webcam videos are great for:

  • Creating a video blog (vlog) – Think of a vlog as the video version of a traditional text-driven blog.  The benefit here is the simplicity of the video; it’s not slick, not flashy, and not expensive-looking.  Thus, people are bound to treat it as raw-material.  The non-professional nature of a webcam video (ironically) gives it legitimacy.
  • Reporting from the road – Take a webcam with you next time you attend a trade show, a seminar, or a conference.
  • Responding to immediate issues – Traditional online videos take time to shot, edit, and upload.  When a serious event hits your company, you need to respond quickly to get in front of the bad PR.  Webcam videos could be an appropriate solution in this instance.

Webcam videos are an effective way to communicate cheaply and quickly with your clients.  Using a webcam isn’t always appropriate, but sometimes, it’s a great way to go!