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100% redesign that revolutionizes the way American Policy Roundtable AND their clients interact and use the site.

Company Overview

Founded in 1980, the American Policy Roundtable is a nationally syndicated, known, and recognized conservative political think tank with offices all over the country – Northeast Ohio, Nashville Tennessee, and Florida.

Business Challenges

the American Policy Roundtable (APR) had four massive challenges to the functionality and usability of their web presence which impeded their reach and their audience’s access…

  1. Organization of Content
    APR had thousands of pages of content that were unorganized. Furthermore, all of this content was located in multiple servers. Meaning that all of their content (and content hierarchy) was not only hard to find, hard to follow, but totally strewn across the World Wide Web. This made it hard for not only them but also their audience. Functionality was inefficient and made the running of the company slower than necessary. But this predicament also was unhelpful for their audience who would benefit by having a better access to the wealth of knowledge and information APR has been accruing for almost a half a century (40+ years)!
  2. An Ancient, Outdated Site
    An old site in a modern age presents problems and challenges in the same way an outdated typewriter handling modern word processing fails to meet the challenge. APR’s site was built in the early 2000s. The ancient Content Management System used ancient code, which was failing to work on multiple browsers, made any minutest update painful and time consuming.
  3. Little Actionable Usability
    Additionally, the site had little to no value proposition. It was not only that the site was old, not working in a few places, and pretty rusty to the eyes, it also was hard for a user to know how to sue it. In other words, the site didn’t sell itself and a user wasn’t being told what to look for and didn’t know how to find what they were looking for.
  4. Outdated Retail System
    APR was selling 30 products through contact forms and emails, creating more work than necessary.

The Solution

Our solutions met all four challenges…

  1. We organized the content, migrated, and consolidated it to one server
  2. We Designed APR a modern site for the modern user
    We employed modern design best practices and user metric understanding to create a usable and beautiful site. To achieve this we did a lot of user research and heat mapping to APR’s old website so that we could create a mathematically correct design. It wasn’t just aesthetically pleasing but (from a digital marketing perspective) mathematically correct, making the site not only something that the user would like to use, would like to come back on a daily basis to access the daily content, but also a site that the user would be able to use effectively and efficiently for their purpose! Beautiful and usable, which makes the experience truly enjoyable.
  3.  Increased Usability and Access
    We developed custom systems for APR that helped, at a very deep level, organize and display all of their different forms of content. From Featured News to Featured Episodes to Featured Articles, the whole site is organized from the back-end server perspective and from the front-end user perspective. This allows APR and their audience to maneuver and find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily.
  4. Online eCommerce Store
    Additionally, we also built an online eCommerce store for APR to sell brand-specific wearables, pamphlets, and books of about 30 products. Fast, simple, and easily scalable, we created a sophisticated eCommerce platform for them to retail their products online.

The Results

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