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Since 1999, we have designed/developed over 2,500 websites and managed over 7,000 digital marketing campaigns.


Catan Fashion more than doubled their yearly profit online. In five months, they did what takes them twelve months. The next year, online sales doubled over the same period last year.

Company Overview

For 33 years and counting, Catan Fashions is a locally owned and operated all-things-bridal salon, servicing tens of thousands of brides.

Business Challenges

Catan Fashions sells big-name wedding designers. Their products are high quality and well sought after.

However, Catan had this problem: How do we get people to find us on the Internet when the big-name brands have their own website and marketing strategies?

That’s where we come in…

The Solution

We did it all!

Beginning with Keyword Market Research, we sat down with Patrice Catan and learned what her market’s language was – what specific keywords and phrases does her customers use to find what they are looking for?

Before reinventing the wheel, we engaged with some Competitive Analysis to see what was successful for Catan’s competitors.

Then, Catan’s site got a Content and Code Make-over (Development)

We worked to make the site on the page and in the code behind the page be informative, relevant, and action-oriented, organized in a way that makes sense to your visitors and Google.

We built more roads between webpages through Inbound Link Building. When a page on your site gets a link from a credible, important page on another site, a search engine see it as a “thumbs up” for your page and increases your rankings on Google.

All in all, this work is good – high rankings, more traffic, and new customers, etc. –
but the end goal is ultimately Conversion Optimization. We are bridge builders not to random strangers, but awaiting friends! The numbers from rankings shouldn’t be pulling random visitors, but potential leads which turns into sales. In short, we work to connect those who want and need our client’s services and products!

The results prove themselves to be the case…

The Results

The results are in!


After working with GHIIS, a typical month for Catan’s would be over 3,500 different top terms bringing major traffic to the site.


Catan Fashions receives over 10,000 visitors per month via organic search engines. 30% of those visits came from a search containing the word “dress”.


Catan’s site ranks #1 and #2 in Google for their primary products, higher than the top name brands they sell.


In one month, there was a 15% increase in total traffic, coming from quality lead inbound linking referrals.


GHIIS helped Catan Fashions save $500 on digital marketing, yet they still driving three times as much traffic to their site.


Only 19% of the site’s traffic comes directly. The rest of it – 81% – comes from either a search engine or another referring site.


“I wanted to tell you that after only 6 weeks into this year our online sales totals are already 33% of our total sales for last year. We attribute this directly to your expertise in Search Engine Marketing and the personal interest you have shown in our business’s success. I am really pleased with the amount of time and effort that is put into making CatanFashions.com the absolute best it can be, in this ever changing world of eCommerce. Keep up the fantastic work!”

-Ross Church, Marketing Director
Catan Fashions by Patrice

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