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Since 1999, we have designed/developed over 2,500 websites and managed over 7,000 digital marketing campaigns.


Site traffic rose by 235% in the first 3 months of the SEO Campaigns and 340% in the first year since the program began.

Company Overview

Guardian Industries provides glass window products that dramatically reduces energy usage and increases the comfort and quality of life in addition to making innovative automotive parts that improve fuel efficiency and safety. A global “family of companies” employs 18,000 people that live and work in over 25 countries across five continents.

Business Challenges

With a team across borders and continents, across companies, and across many niche markets, Guardian Industries was sitting on the great potential from the interconnected platform of the web.

The Solution

Beginning with Keyword Market Research, we sat down with Guardian Industries and learned what specific keywords and phrases their customers use to find what they are looking for. But before reinventing the wheel, we investigated the highly competitive market in Competitive Analysis to see what works well (and to see what doesn’t work well).

With a custom strategy in place, we started Content and Code Development.

Reengineering their site’s content, we structured and organized content to be informative and relevant. We made their code behind the scenes (site architecture, META description tags, title tags, alt attributes, etc.) cogent and appealing to Google’s search engine meta-data analysis, which helps Google connect the searcher with Guardian. We organized and created content for the user on the page, for once back end changes generated new traffic, we helped Guardian turn new traffic into new leads, and ultimately, into new sales.

We built more roads between webpages through Inbound Link Building. When a page on your site gets a link from a credible, important page on another site, a search engine see it as a “thumbs up” for your page and increases your rankings on Google. This was also utilized to connect all sister companies under the “family of companies” comprising Guardian Industries.

High rankings and more traffic help companies make more connections with the people who are in search of what they provide. In short, if they are done right, high rankings and more traffic provide Conversion Optimization. We are bridge builders to awaiting clients!

The Results

The results speak to this themselves…


the increased site traffic resulted in a 300% increase in the number of click-throughs to dealer sites.


And the Showerguard Dealer Network has seen its visitor count rise over 500%


Due Guardian’s success since they began working with us, 19 other micro-sites in the Guardian’s “family of companies” are starting campaigns with us now, too.


In one year, the site received 457 more leads than its average amount, going from from 93 leads to 550 leads.


Month after month, 90% of the site’s traffic is from new visitors.


Now, 192 other sites provide a link to one sister company, Showerguard, which had less than 10 a year ago.


Site traffic rose by 235% in the first 3 months of the SEO Campaigns and 340% in the first year since the program began.

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