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Since 1999, we have designed/developed over 2,500 websites and managed over 7,000 digital marketing campaigns.


Before working with GHIIS, the average week yielded $9,000 for online sales. After only a year, their average weekly online sales were $23,000 – 14k increase!

Company Overview

Technico, Inc. offers THK motion control products and services required for industrial automation applications. From start to finish, giving complete sales and support staff, Technico primarily works with mechanical and electrical design engineers.

Incorporated in 1986 in TKH motion control products, Technico’s industrial applications are numerous – they include but are not limited to machine tool, metalworking, automotive, automation, transfer equipment, glass, robotics, tire and rubber, medical, injection molding, pick and place, press, steel mill equipment, packaging, and special machinery, among others.

Business Challenges

Their website acted like an after-contact virtual business card. But Technico wanted to utilize their site to generate new leads and new sales, much like storefront.

How did we help them do that?

The Solution

Search Engine Optimization: Rank higher, gain qualified leads, increase revenues.

We did it all!

Beginning with Keyword Market Research, we sat down with Technico and learned their market’s language – what specific keywords and phrases are customers using to find what they are looking for?

Before reinventing the wheel, we engaged with some Competitive Analysis to see what was successful for Technico’s competitors.

With a full strategy in place, we delved into Content and Code Development.

We worked to make Technico’s content on the page and the code behind the page informative, relevant, and action-oriented, organized in a way that makes sense to visitors and Google. In a highly competitive market, Technico’s site was ready to service the needs of potential clients as well as positioned so that Google would know that they were the right company to send searchers.

High rankings and more traffic are the means to the end – Conversion Optimization. We are bridge builders to awaiting clients! The numbers from rankings isn’t pulling random visitors, but potential leads. In short, we work to connect those who want and need Technico’s services!

The results speak to this themselves…

The Results

The results are in!


14k increase of weekly sales, going from $9,000 to $23,000 in under a year of working with GHIIS!


They invested with GHIIS $12,000, which resulted in $250,000 of business.

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