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Since 1999, we have designed/developed over 2,500 websites and managed over 7,000 digital marketing campaigns.


“GHIIS work brought us into new relationships our traditional methods could never have achieved, certainly not at the same costs nor within the same time frames.” Revenue increase of $12.7 MILLION

Company Overview

Westfield is a local, Medina-based full-service bank. The company has grown dramatically since 2001, and is proud to be affiliated with Westfield Insurance, a company that has been an important part of Medina County since 1848. Westfield is a 1 billion-asset bank with 7 locations.

Business Challenges

Westfield Bank is a conservative, community-based financial institution who, though conservative in their founding principles, desire to leverage technology to cultivate relationships. “When we began working with GHI Internet Services (GHIIS) in the beginning of 2008, we were more than a bit skeptical of online marketing services. We built slow and steady from the ground up using highly relational one-to-one traditional marketing tactics but thought maybe there is other potentially better, cheaper and faster ways to reach our target markets without spending as excessively as we were with traditional marketing media. We are committed to growing our bank through personal relationships and we were not convinced the Internet was a proper medium to achieve such objectives. However, GHIIS researched and documented empirical data proving there was immense value in search engine traffic. Consequently, we believed there was sufficient online traffic specifically targeted to our business and that gave us comfort to test and see if we could leverage this new medium complimenting our traditional methods for initiating long-term business relationships.

We engaged GHIIS in the hopes that they could help us expedite our mission at less expense and greater return eventually allowing us to incrementally weed ourselves off expensive traditional one-time marketing tactics. GHIIS encouraged us to believe in the residual ongoing nature of the Internet where marketing done once feeds our pipeline forever.

The Solution

Here are a list of services we provided for Westfield Bank:

Internet Marketing Services:

  • Organic Search
  • Paid Search
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Local Search
  • Link Building
  • Online Advertising
  • Conversion Optimization

Email Marketing Services:

  • Email Apps
  • Messaging
  • Design
  • Analysis
  • Management

The Results

The results are in!


“GHIIS work brought us into new relationships our traditional methods could never have achieved, certainly not at the same costs nor within the same time frames.” Revenue increase of $12.7mm.


a $2,990 pay off: Email Marketing generated more new name accounts at a cost to Westfield Bank of $10 per month than their entire Billboard campaign costing over $3,000 per month.


Traffic Growth – 150% increase


Search Engine Traffic Growth – 300% increase


1,100 New Customers / Accounts


Brand Exposure Page 1 of Search Engines – 5,000 impressions per month (up from 0)


Email Marketing List Growth – 40% increase


“While many companies invested in Internet marketing have struggled with frequent changes in major search engines over the past couple of years debilitating their marketing returns, GHIIS has consistently delivered results for us in the midst of such turmoil. They have deep expertise, are focused on continuous process improvement, a commitment to aggressively pursue measurable results, and a genuine passion for our success.

GHIIS has been a valued partner for our bank since our first large-scale SEO project nearly four years ago. During the time we’ve worked together, we’ve seen as much as a threefold increase in monthly algorithmic search referrals – covering a far larger set of keywords than we had ever expected. In addition to their seasoned expertise and track-record for great results, their flexibility in adapting to client-specific needs and processes really sets them apart. We’d be hard-pressed to name another business partner who so effectively balances specialized knowledge and experience with the type of personal touch, which can really help get the most out of a project.”

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