About the author : Daniel Griffith

Daniel is an Author, Designer, and Entrepreneur. With over 10 years of industry experience, Daniel utilizes his unique blend of mathematics and poetry, engineering and creative thinking to solve both technical and business challenges to ultimately co-create the world he wants to live in.

The Mistake

Your blog is a one-way platform for your ideas, without any option for your readers to engage in conversations, interact, and provide feedback or insightful commentary.

The Consequence

Just as you tend to hate the guy at a cocktail party who talks about only himself without letting you get a word in, no one likes a blog that suffocates conversation and engagement. Blogging is social, and treating your blog like a megaphone instead of a window for two-way communication will suck the life out of it.

4 Ways to Encourage Engagement

In the real world, you want your peers to like you as a person. The same should go for bloggers. We want readers to not only read our content but also interact with us. Take the following steps to make sure your fostering interaction on your blog:

  1. Monitor & Reply to Comments – Keep track of the conversation that takes place on your blog by monitoring comments. Replying when appropriate will show your readers you’re invested in the community you’ve created and care about what they have to contribute.
  2. Don’t Moderate Comments – Moderating comments will only deter people from commenting in the first place. Don’t fear negative comments (people are nicer than you think), and embrace feedback as constructive criticism. If you want to take extra precautions, publish a page that outlines your blog’s comment policy and encourage people to comment intelligently and respectfully.
  3. Ask Questions – Directly promote interaction by posing questions within your blog content. Ask readers how they feel about the topic, if they have any additional insight or advice, or can point readers to other resources they’ve come across related to the topic.
  4. Listen to Feedback – Have you noticed that your readers aren’t responding well to a particular topic or type of content? Show them you’re listening by improving and modifying your blog’s content based on their feedback.

In general, do your best to transform your blog from a static bulletin board a dynamic community, not only  place where readers enjoy coming to read what you have to say but a place where you love going to hear what your readers are saying about your posts and engaging in that community or fellow readers.