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About a month and a half ago, Google announced that it would be re-vamping its shopping feature (Product Search) with Google Shopping. It will more than a simple re-dubbing of the same application. In Fall of 2012, a few things will change.

First, Google will modify its Ranking Algorithms. Whereas the previous rankings were based on the product’s relevance to a specific search phrase, Google’s new process for determining rankings will be a combination of relevance AND bid price. As Google states, “This new product discovery experience will be a purely commercial experience called Google Shopping that replaces Product Search.” In short, it will function very similar to AdWords.

Second, Google will reformat the layout of its Search Results Page. Whereas the previous function listed products at the top of the page, Google will now list products on the right hand side of the page.

The good news is that this, as Google points out, will not affect organic search results. It will, however, change the rankings for any of your company’s products that Google currently displays at the top of the page.

So, what can you do?

After spending the past few weeks researching this change, the folks at GHI Internet Services have a few suggestions. More details to follow tomorrow. So stay tuned.