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GHIIS and Social Media Marketing Helps Akron, Ohio Apartment Renter Get from 68% to 97% Occupancy in Only 6 Weeks

All apartment owners have one thing on their minds: higher occupancy.

An Akron area GHIIS client owns apartment complexes in Ohio, Georgia and Colorado.

Their Statesboro, Georgia apartment faced significant challenges in reaching their capacity goals.

For one thing, the building was situated off the street in a physical location that was difficult to see.

Not only that, they were competing with larger property management companies in the area.

And they were competing for search engine rankings online with large apartment search engine sites such as Apartments.com.

In fact, our client was spending significant dollars with Apartments.com themselves, and with other vertical search engines, in an attempt to reach a wider audience and stay in the game.

However even with these and other online marketing efforts, capacity was still only at 68%.

GHIIS developed a social media marketing campaign around a Facebook ad and a company special, targeting specific demographics around the location, with a budget of only around $10 per day. 

The building was clearly pictured and a call to action led the visitor to a targeted website landing page with more pictures and a detailed description of the property.

Almost immediately upon turning the ad creative on, the apartment manager says, the requests began coming in.

Within 6 weeks, the company had boosted rental capacity to a staggering 97 percent.

Total cost? Less than $250.

This is not an isolated case, although it is remarkable. Facebook advertising and social media marketing is highly targeted.  Companies can run ads based on almost any demographic.

Not only that, but Facebook audience interests can also be used to target specific ads to customers.

Facebook is the most popular social media site on the planet and the #3 most-visited web site. And everyday, it’s users are sending rich, valuable data about their interests and demographics to Facebook, all of which is available to advertisers. Would you like to target people who are interested in fantasy football? Who live in Northeast Ohio? With household income above $75,000? Who just bought a new house?  You can.

Learn more by contacting GHIIS today and we will help you develop a plan to reach YOUR maximum capacity.