About the author : Daniel Griffith

Daniel is an Author, Designer, and Entrepreneur. With over 10 years of industry experience, Daniel utilizes his unique blend of mathematics and poetry, engineering and creative thinking to solve both technical and business challenges to ultimately co-create the world he wants to live in.

Step 1: Add a New Page

  1. Go to the WordPress “Dashboard”
  2. Hover over “Pages” in the left side-bar
  3. Click “Add New”


  1. Add page “Title”
  2. Add page “Content”

  1. Optional: Choose “Parent” (This will place the new page in a specified drop down menu)
  2. Optional: Choose “Order” (This will decide the order of which the page will be placed in the drop down menu)

  1. Click “Publish”
    1. Optional: Click “Save Draft” if you are not ready to “Publish”
    2. Optional: Click “Preview” to see how the page will look before it’s “Published”