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IMPORTANT: You must have created a “Database” on the server you are choosing to host from before you can set up “Wordpress”

Step 1: Download WordPress

  1. Download WordPress from wordpress.org
  2. Click “Download WordPress [version#]”
  3. Save to an easily accessible folder on your computer
  4. “Unzip” the file you downloaded
  5. In the now unzipped folder open up the folder “wordpress”

Step 2: Upload WordPress files to the “Server”

 For the purpose of this tutorial we will be using Filezilla FTP Client to upload the WordPress files to the server. Click the link provided to download this application and follow the instructions below, or feel free to use you own FTP application.

  1. Open “FileZilla”
  2. Click on “Site Manager”


  1. Click on “New Site”
  2. Fill in required login information Information

  1. Click “httpdocs” in the right panel of “Filezilla”
  2. Open the “Wordpress” file you downloaded earlier in the left panel
  3. Select all files in the left panel
  4. Right-Click all the files
  5. Click “Upload”

Step 3: Install WordPress

  1. Enter www.[yourdomain].com/wp-admin into your browser address bar
  2. Once prompted, click “Create a Configuration File”


  1. Click “Let’s Go!”

  1. Fill in information
    1. Fill “Database” with the name of the “Database” you are using
    2. Fill “Username” with the Username for the “Database”
    3. Fill “Password” with the “Database” password
    4. Fill “Database Host” with the Servers IP
    5. Leave “Table Prefix” as wp_
    6. Click “Submit”

  1. Fill in Information
  2. Click “Install WordPress”

  1. Go into the Server FTP and delete the “wp-config-sample.php”
    1. Note: Keep “wp-config.php”

  1. Go back to your web browser and click “Log In”

  1. Enter  “Username” and “Password” you created in Step #19
  2. Click “Log In”