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The social media world is crawling with users.  As we stated in a previous post,  approximately 900 million people use Facebook. That’s a lot of people. And that’s an understatement.

Many businesses — all across the United States — have responded to this opportunity by launching social media marketing campaigns. While some campaigns have been big and some small, 66% of US businesses have a Facebook account, according to InSites Consulting. In addition, approximately 1 in 2 businesses have a Twitter account, and 44% of companies have a LinkedIn account.


Although many businesses use social media sites, InSites Consulting reports that the vast majority of social media campaigns run by businesses are lacking. In other words, while many businesses know their login and password to Facebook, they have not taken the time, money, or resources to make their Facebook page functional. And there is all the difference in the world between simply having a Facebook page and have a Facebook page that people want to visit, interact with, and purchase from.

According to the study, 14% have done nothing with social media, 23% have only taken their “first steps” into social media marketing, 20% are in their “pilot phase”, 27% are currently integrating social media into their marketing strategy, and only 16% have fully integrated social media into their marketing strategy. (See chart below.)

“These results show that many companies have started social media in a tactic way. They rapidly created an account on a popular network, without it being part of a total strategy,” says Professor Steven Van Belleghem of the research agency InSites Consulting. This study suggests that many companies simply created an account but did nothing more.