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American Coffee Services


Company Overview

American Coffee Services is a family owned business located in Cleveland, Ohio. With 60 years of experience serving local businesses with upscale office coffee products, equipment and service, American Coffee Services also supplies the Hospitality industry across the United States with in room coffee amenity products featuring brands such as Cuisinart®, Melitta®, Starbucks®, Maxwell House®, and our own house blend products. From commercial coffee brewers to single cup coffee makers for guest room use American Coffee Services offers it all.


Business Challenges

American Coffee Services local customer base was strong and flourishing, but they wanted to expand their reach nationally. In a very competitive online market space, selling coffee over the web to coffee drinkers nationwide is not small feat!

That’s where we come in..


The Solution

Search Engine Optimization: Rank higher, gain qualified leads, increase revenues.

Beginning with Keyword Market Research, we sat down with ACS and learned what specific keywords and phrases their customers use to find what they are looking for. But before reinventing the wheel, we investigated the highly competitive market in Competitive Analysis to see what works well (and to see what doesn’t work well).

With a custom strategy in place, we started Content and Code Development.

Reengineering their site, we made ACS’s content informative and relevant. We made their code behind the scenes (site architecture, META description tags, title tags, alt attributes, etc.) cogent and appealing to Google’s search engine meta-data analysis, which helps Google connect the searcher with our client. We organized and created ACS’s content for the user on the page, for once back end changes generated new traffic, we helped ACS turn new traffic into new leads, and ultimately, new sales.

The results show an increase in traffic from Google rankings and new sales from good connections!

The results are in!

ACS has been able to partner with GHIIS to utilize our research and analytics to help them determine what markets to go after next, using the Internet to research and find new products and markets and opportunities for products to sell.

  • Online sales doubled since ACS started working with GHIIs.
  • American Coffee Service saw an increase of traffic with more than half of their traffic coming from search engines.
  • Online sales have doubled since ACS started working with GHIIs.
  • Their Return on Investment for organic search was more than 1,500%, with a payback period on their initial investment in less than 6 months.
  • increasing sales while helping decrease overall investment, ASC has 3x as many sales from organic search as they get from Paid Search!

Project Overview

  • Digital Marketing

Custom Website Design
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