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AtomicBox Logistics Inc.


Company Overview

AtomicBox Logistics Inc. is now a third party logistics services primarily to consumer and commercial product companies. Their services include pick & pack fulfillment serving customers within general merchandise, consumer and commercial products, and managing infrastructure required to succeed in the logistics world by leveraging technologies. Now operating as a subsidiary of CaseStack, Inc., AtomicBox Logistics Inc. has been providing services since 1999.


Business Challenges

AtomicBox Logistics Inc. was stagnating in their online leads.They didn’t know how to solve the problem; nothing seemed to be working.

That’s where we came in…


The Solution

Search Engine Optimization: Rank higher, gain qualified leads, increase revenues.

We did what we do best.

We applied our unique search engine optimization strategy that was customized to AtomicBox Logistics Inc.’s needs.

Focusing on the key terms that their market speaks, we narrowed down our efforts to a strategic marketing plan.

And after a few months…

  • AtomicBox Logistics Inc. generated 10x times the number of leads working with GHIIS at a fraction of the cost.

Project Overview

  • Digital Marketing



“Your work has resulted in a large increase in online leads, many coming from larger companies. Since working with you, our website has become a more effective sales tool. Our web site is now generating ten times the number of leads we were previously receiving from other marketing avenues such as print ads and direct mail, and at a fraction of the cost. Thanks GHI for keeping us so busy.”

– Dennis Ronowski, VP Marketing
AtomicBox Logistics

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