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Birol Growth Consulting


Company Overview

Helping business owners create profitable growth by growing their Best and Highest Use®, Andy Birol He has helped more than 450 businesses increase their sales by $500 million. A professional speaker, and writer, Andy has gained national public eye with his books and appearances in publications, journals, and news sources. He facilitates and presents workshops worldwide for small business owners, traveling to 87 countries and all seven continents.


Business Challenges

A maverick in the global market for small businesses, Birol Growth Consulting needed a partnership that could translate his skills into the competitive internet marketing world.


The Solution

Search Engine Optimization: Rank higher, gain qualified leads, increase revenues.

Beginning with Keyword Market Research, we sat down with Birol Growth Consulting and learned the specific keywords and phrases of their market. Investigating the highly competitive market in Competitive Analysis, we also learned what was working well (and what wasn’t working well).

With a customized strategy in place, we started Content and Code Development.

Creating content that was informative and relevant, we made Birol Growth Consulting’s code behind the scenes (site architecture, META description tags, title tags, alt attributes, etc.) cogent and appealing to Google’s search engine meta-data analysis, which helps Google connect the searcher with our client. We organized and created on page content for the user as well, for once back-end changes generates new traffic from Google searches, on page content moves a new lead into a new sale.

  • In less than one year, GHIIS increased Birol Growth Consulting’s organic traffic by 50%!

Project Overview

  • Digital Marketing



“GHI is the first firm I’ve worked with that is willing and able to work from my desired results back to creating action plans to get there. As actual web-driven sales are my only criteria for success, Frank Griffith and Pete Kever systematically worked on web site rankings, SEO, landing page design and tracking of results to create actual sales. For the first time in my eight years of running a website, I can actually point to two sales that came through a conscious effort on the part of a web services company. I eagerly anticipate more great results by working with Griffith Holdings.”

Andy Birol
Author of the Five Catalysts of Seven Figure Growth
Birol Growth Consulting

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