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Company Overview

With more than 100 offices and 4,800 associates in major metropolitan areas and suburban cities throughout the U.S., CBIZ is a nation’s leading financial and benefits and insurance services, working with the largest scale organization down to the individual client.


Business Challenges

As a financial, accounting, and insurance company, CBIZ’s client market is far-reaching. They service fortune 500 companies as well as Joe the Plumber. The challenge is, there are many financial, accounting, and insurance companies vying for the same spot on Google searches. How does CBIZ set itself apart in the changing and expanding global internet market?


The Solution

We helped CBIZ engage and come out on top in a highly competitive field, beginning with Keyword Market Research, which begins with listening.

They are the experts of their field, not us. We asked CBIZ questions as well as their competitors through Competitive Analysis. What was working in this industry? What wasn’t?

With a full strategy in place, we delved into Content and Code Development.

We worked to make CBIZ’s site on the page and in the code behind the page informative, relevant, and action-oriented, organized in a way that makes sense to CBIZ’s visitors and Google. In a highly competitive market, CBIZ’s site was ready to service the needs of their potential clients as well as positioned so that Google would know that CBIZ was the right place to send searchers.


The results are in!

  • Applying our custom digital marketing framework, we generated a 49% increase in website traffic in Google, resulting in an increase of new website visitors and potential leads by nearly 93%

Project Overview

  • Digital Marketing

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