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Furniture Wholesalers


Company Overview provides discount office furniture and seating. Started by Jeffrey Aarons and Thomas Weisman in 1997, it became the launching point for Home Office Direct, Ltd., one of the largest ready-to-assemble furniture sellers for small-scale businesses.


Business Challenges

At the beginning of Ecommerce selling, what’s a ready-to-assemble furniture company to do with the new market platform and thousands of competitors in the niche market trying to reach page 1 of Google?


The Solution

Search Engine Optimization: Rank higher, gain qualified leads, increase revenues.

It is simple. Our SEO services were custom tailored to We investigated their market’s Keyword for their potential customers specific keywords and phrases to find what they’re looking for. In short, we made their website speak the language of their clients so Google could better match each other.

Though custom tailored, we provide Competitive Analysis: We don’t reinvent the wheel every time we run an organic search engine optimization campaign. We asked a simple question – What are your competitors doing well? What organic SEO tactics can we do better than your competitors?

And what happened?

The results are in!

  1. “We are 50% higher for our orders this month, and there are still 10 days left…and we have been doing that every single month!” – Jeffrey Aarons, President

Project Overview

  • Digital Marketing

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