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Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce


Company Overview

A business community in North East Ohio, Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce is a flourishing community retaining and growing our existing businesses through training and resources, improving infrastructure, attracting business, networking, business advocacy, economic growth, and more.


Business Challenges

As a Chamber of Commerce, visibility to the community and surrounding communities is vital for the life and flourishing of all businesses. Traditional ways of interacting with the community is wonderful, but what could an increased web presence do for the community? The website was virtually nonexistent. Even if you typed in the name of the Chamber into Google, the website would not rank on the first page.


The Solution

Search Engine Optimization: Rank higher, gain qualified leads, increase revenues.

GHIIS made created and cleaned up the coding behind the scenes (site architecture, META description tags, title tags, alt attributes, etc.) so as to make the website cogent and appealing to Google’s search engine meta-data analysis, which helps Google connect the right traffic to the right site. We organized and created content for the visitor on the page as well.

We built more roads between webpages through Inbound Link Building. Connecting the Chamber of Commerce with its already-present business relationships via the web creates a more cohesive and connected business life. Additionally, when a page on your site gets a link from a credible, important page on another site, a search engine see it as a “thumbs up” for your page and increases your rankings on Google.

The results are in..

  • In the first year, Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce saw a 40% increase in site traffic
  • In the first year, the Chamber’s website saw 41% of their site visitors coming via search engines.

Project Overview

  • Digital Marketing



“As a chamber of commerce, we are always looking for ways to increase our exposure in the community, both online and offline. At the beginning of our SEO campaign we couldn’t even be found in Google for our own name – Medina Chamber of Commerce!

But after just 12 weeks we received top rankings in Google for that and other key search terms and our site traffic has increased by 40%!”

Debra Lynn-Schmitz
Executive Director of the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce

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