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Trident Fittings


Company Overview

Located in Florida, Trident came to Robinia when they were just beginning. Trident Fittings came into the tie down market, bringing one solution to fill a gaping need in many industries. Trident is a split device, consisting of a permanently installed base and a removable fixture. From helicopters, tenders, lifeline stanchions, jet skies, or furniture, Tridents secure virtually anything.


Business Challenges

As a new company, Trident had a unique challenge. They needed a professional looking website in four weeks. Not only that, they were starting from scratch. They had no branding.

What did we do?


The Solution

Trident needed it all, and Trident got it all! Robinia created Trident’s branding, dreamed up a website design tailored to the appropriate content organization strategy, site hierarchy, and user-flow Robinia crafted for trident, structured system content mapping, and delivered a fully functional and responsive website… in four weeks!

Project Overview

  • Website Design

  • Logo Design

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