GHI Partner & Reseller Referral Program

"The strategy behind residual income is to work so that over time your work begins working for you."

Our partner program focuses on enabling companies to open new revenue streams. We work to help you offer products and services that you currently can’t offer … cultivating high-profit, recurring revenues.

Many of our partners are direct competitors: They build websites, but don’t have staff to execute Internet Marketing Campaigns; they are SEO experts, but can’t design landing pages for conversion optimization; or maybe they develop software but can’t design custom mobile websites. Others are more traditional advertising agencies that want to help their clients have an online presence.

Symbiosis means “life together.”

...And that’s what we want — even with direct competitors.

However we work with our diverse partner market, our symbiotic focus remains the same: To help each other connect smarter™ with our respective clients and to their markets … improving relationships and increasing profits.

  • Resell our 50+ products / services, from digital marketing to custom website design
  • OEM and brand our products / services as your own
  • Build a recurring revenue stream
  • Assistance from our professional sales staff

We began our partner program in 1996 in order to provide local and long distance network engineering firms with additional voice, data, and IP products to resell into their clients bases. In 2000, we expanded the program to include our SEO solutions and custom website design services.

Since then, we’ve partnered with over 400 companies, big and small, local and global. More than 92% of every new customer we acquire comes from existing customers … satisfied customers referring their clients, partners, vendors, and business acquaintances to us.

It’s not how little we have to give to get your business, but how much can we give to earn your trust.

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