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Still considering which social media network is the best to engage? While we discussed a few differences between the social media platforms in a recent blog post, another important factor in the decision is traffic. Knowing how many people visit each site is an important first step in engaging social media marketing.

How many people use Facebook, Twitter, and Google+? How many users does LinkedIn and Pinterest have? What is the average time web browsers spend on each site?

This small, helpful chart is designed to help you answer these questions.


Users Founded Male Female Average Time on Site (Month Span)
Facebook Over 1 billion 2004 43% 57% 504 minutes
Google+ Over 500 million 2006 59% 41% 132 minutes
Google+ Over 150 million 2003 58% 42% 17 minutes
Google+ Over 100 million 2011 63% 37% 3.3 minutes
Google+ Over 17.8 million 2010 20% 80% 89 minutes