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As we ring in the New Year, and the glittering ball drops, I can’t help but thinking of a favorite holiday that’s just around the corner.  Though I’m not a football fan, SuperBowl Sunday is one of my favorite holidays and after the New Year’s Celebration, it’s just around the corner.

So why would a person that doesn’t watch or follow football be so excited for the Super Bowl?  The ads.  I am a huge ad junkie and each year instead of “shhhhing” my friends and family during the big play of the game, I “shhhh” during commercials.

This year, Adweek reports that as of September, NBC had nearly sold out of its 2012 Super Bowl ad inventory.  Of the estimated 63 spots available, perhaps as few as six still remained.  This year NBC is asking a whopping 3.5 million per spot.    “We don’t just sell Super Bowl positions, so depending on what other buys the clients made, the final price of an individual spot is a function of these other commitments,” notes Seth Winter Senior Vice President of NBC Sports Group Sales and Marketing.  An even more interesting statistic is that NBC had sold nearly half of its Super Bowl ad inventory in March of 2011 when the possibility of an NFL season delay or omission was threatened.

So what can we look forward to this year on February 5th?  As always the automakers have a secured the majority of the available airtime.  In 2010, the automotive industry accounted for nearly 1/3rd of all broadcast ads. This year Chevy wants us to make their Super Bowl ad and has launched an international competition for film makers to produce a 30-second clip with the theme “Spirit of Road Trips.” Visa, GoDaddy.com and a host of celebrities endorsements will hit the airwaves on the big day as well. Superbowlcommercials.tv has even  posted their annual rundown on anticipated commercials for the 2012 big game.  Here’s a quick look at the top ten secured advertisers for 2012:

  • Anheuser-Busch
  • Audi Of America
  • Best Buy
  • Cars.com
  • Century 21
  • Coca-Cola
  • General Motors
  • GoDaddy.com
  • Hyundai
  • Doritos

So even though I may not care which team wins or loses or what a safety really means, I know this for sure, Super Bowl Sunday ads are big business and I look forward to them every year.