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Harry Potter is one of the more gripping and successful stories of our age. It has sold more than 500 million copies around the world and has been translated into 68 languages. Its movie adaptions have brought in over 7.5 billion in ticket sales—that’s three times what the Lord of the Rings brought in over the same period.

Numerically, they are true money-makers; personally, they moved a generation.

However, if you put 100 people in a room, nearly 15 of them would argue that Harry Potter was the worst book they had ever read—12% of the reviewer of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on Amazon gave it less than a two-star review.

Why should your business care? What does this tell us?

Your critics are both right and not right. Your products and services are both right for some people and not right for others.

This bimodal division discloses important marketing insights—for every product or service (no matter how great you think that product or service is) there are the “right” customers and the “wrong” customers. Your brand’s marketing needs to focus on your desired audience and not your accidental but unhappy audience.

The true insight is: if J. K. Rowling focused her latter books on capturing the 15% of the market that had not yet enjoyed her stories, then she would have perhaps alienated the 85% of those who had.

Targeted Digital Marketing, focused on “educating the 15%” but “closing the 85%,” is key. Ad spend targeted generally at “the market” is nearly worthless today.

You don’t need more customers; you need more of the right customer.

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