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Daniel is an Author, Designer, and Entrepreneur. With over 10 years of industry experience, Daniel utilizes his unique blend of mathematics and poetry, engineering and creative thinking to solve both technical and business challenges to ultimately co-create the world he wants to live in.

My wife and I love watching HGTV at night. For the fifteen minutes we have before we drift to sleep, House Hunters is our jam.

I’ll be honest with you. Lately, it’s been Property Brothers. We simply can’t stay up long-enough for House Hunters.

One thing that we like to joke about is how every show focuses on making the main floor of the house more “open concepted.” Yes, “open concept” is now a Verb in the American vernacular.

To Open Concept; he/she/it Open Concepts; we have Open Concepted.

America’s obsession with large and open spaces to entertain and cook in is beyond logical understanding. Focusing on only this metric—the metric that, if a house has not been Open Concepted, than it simply won’t sell—it appears that Americans are avid and highly adept cooks.

Americans must spend quite a lot of time in their kitchens to warrant over fifty-percent of their one-hundred thousand dollar home renovations to be spent in the kitchen.


Today, 47% of meals are enjoyed “outside of the home” and the average time spent in the kitchen per day is a meager 15 minutes. When you look at the number of families that actually use their expensive gas ranges to cook raw ingredients into meals and not to warm up macaroni from a box, its seriously perplexing.

The time we spend cooking today is arguably inversely proportional to the amount of money we spend in renovating our kitchens…

The take away is that what your customers value may not make monetary or completely logical or rational sense. They may want the more expensive product because it’s ocean blue, not light blue, for example.

Story drives human action and the Open Concept living space is a clear looking glass into the human condition. We want what we want for some reason and, although it may not be logical, it’s what we want.

As marketers—especially Digital Marketers—it is imperative to learn how your customer thinks from their heart outward to their wallet. If the kitchen industry looked at figures and not their customer’s hearts, they would invest their marketing spend elsewhere. If, however, they analyze and consider their customer’s illogical wants and desires and market directly to them, their marketing spend’s ROI would be vastly different.

Digital Marketing must strive to identify the desired story of the customer’s journey and then craft a positive path to guide the customer to their desired end.

As a business, start with considering how your customer wants to be approached and what pains they need to have solved; start there; start small; and succeed by helping but don’t be afraid to knock down a couple of walls in the process!

Your customers are telling you what they want, with your mind now “Open Concepted,” we ask you to just listen.

If you need help learning to listen, clarifying your brand’s narrative, or in creating a positive path for your customers to walk down, give us a call! We are always happy to help; in fact, we wake up everyday to help!

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